Private label candles from West Hollywood We make your fregrance special – for over 20 years

Private Label

Candles with private labels

The Hotel Bel Air, Saks Fifth Avenue, Treillage, The Beverly Hills Hotel, The Monogram Shops and Dana Buchman agree…our Private Label program keeps their products unique and distinct. Their loyal customers keep coming back for more of the “signature” fragrances and the prestige value is enormous!
Naturally, we do all the work: design your label, adapt package designs to fit your “persona,” recommend and assist with the fragrance choices…and you don’t have to purchase 1000’s. An initial order of 8 dozen will get the program rolling and you have our fabulous 27 fragrances to choose from! Call or email us and we’ll send you everything you need to get started!

Private Label Retail and Corporate Programs

The Beverly Hills Hotel, Saks Fifth Avenue, Treillage NYC, The Monogram Shops and dozens more prestigious retailers all agree…our Private Label Program keeps their product line unique and distinct. Their customers keep coming back for more of their “signature” fragrances. Besides, the loyalty factor, the prestige value is enormous.

The same holds true for companies and corporations such as PARADIGM, DREAMWORKS, DANA BUCHMAN and HARRIS BEACH who use our products for promotion or as corporate gifts at Holiday time and all through the year.

There is something more than special about a package that’s personal and reflects the persona of the store or company. It adds the all-important, distinctive difference. And for companies, it’s a perfect way to promote products and services or to say “thank you”.

And there are so many choices we have to adapt your store or company to our products. Naturally, we do all the work…we’ll help you design your label, adapt the designs to fit the packaging, recommend and assist with your fragrances choices.


An initial order of 12 dozen will get your program rolling and you have our 27 fragrances to choose from. Just click on the Program FAQs icon to learn more.