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I have separated my collection of fragrances by category.
Choose your favorite categories and then see which fragrances appeal to you.
However, my candles are fusions of fragrances. So a “Citrus” can contain a floral…or a spice but the dominant note is still the citrus. The same holds true for most of my fragrances: Florals can have an earth note and the Earth notes a touch of floral and Greens a touch of both. I have just found that every frgarnce is perfect on its own but soars when its touched by something different.(With the exception of Perfect Gardenia…nothing should change that singular, brilliant note!)
Start with the fresh aroma of an orange…or the zestiness of a lemon…or the bold taste of a grapefruit and compliment it with a fragrance that’s bound to make its essence soar. I mix spices, coconuts, mangos, almonds or a “pass” of vanilla to these citrus wonders! And you have Citrus + fragrance that will give your atmosphere that blue sky lift.
When I see a geranium leaf I always want to rub it in my hands and feel the oils penetrate my skin. Then I put my palms to my nose and the earth is literally in my head. There’s something about fragrance that emanate from the earth and its plants. Every plant our earth produces bring them to the surface. Unlike the florals, they are bolder and deeper with: touches of spices and woods that mix with mosses. They’re a statement!
Beauty in shape, color and above all fragrance. Just sniff a fresh bloom in a garden or a delicate rose in a vase or a field flower…there are so many examples…and so many to choose from! I’ve created fragrances bouquets, or singled out the rose tempered by a splinter of cedar, played with orchids and waxy tuberose. I’m still amazed at the exquisite scents nature offers us. They’re universal signatures and they make our surroundings and our lives so much richer. My Florals will change your atmosphere too!
What portrays nature at its most abundant? The color green…it’s nature’s signature shade and it’s everywhere. Green leaves shade us, green stems push their flowering buds towards the sun, green grass carpets the earth and the hills and pastures. And with every shade of green there’s a corresponding fragrance. I love to play with leaves and grass and bergamot and mix them with the cypresses and pines. What a wonderful statement they all make together.
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