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Every year, in early June, I start to think about Christmas. I do this because, every year, I think that just maybe; I should do entirely new fragrances and package them in zany, high gloss, neon boxes with avant-garde modern motifs of the season. Then, by the end of June, I get that terrestrial message..."don't mess with Christmas!"

Yes, I love the season and I love the warmth of red, green and gold in December. And there's nothing cozier than a room filled with the fragrances of gardenia, cypress and pine and a maybe new addition. I created a new Red Candle filled with the aromas of things apple, rose and even chili pepper, (I added cinnamon just to kick it up a bit). I named it RED HOT CHRISTMAS!

So here we are: Christmas Gardenia, Cypress, Blue Pine and Red Hot Christmas in two sizes; our new classic 14 ounce gold container, our standard 10 ounce size, our 6 ounce squares quartet, and our Five Serenity Cups.

I love that for a few days we forget about the world and its problems and go back to a simpler space. So I keep to tradition...this year even with a new candle...and a larger size in an attractive gold container.

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