Private label candles from West Hollywood We make your fregrance special – for over 20 years

Hand made candles for every occasion from west hollywood

Former New York Ad Executive and now Master Candle Maker, Tim has been all things to all people at all times. No wonder. One of New York's notorious Bronx Boys, Tim hit his stride in the early seventies and just kept going.

Given all that, what often strikes clients is how surprisingly down-to-earth, easy to be around, and hard-working he is. "Oh, please," he says, "growing up Bronx Irish, you learn to work for everything. And adapt." Tim credits his Mother for his always evolving sense of elegance and style. "She might worry about cash on hand but she always looked amazing and never forgot to wear her famous white gloves."

It was a lesson that stuck. And exactly the kind of white glove treatment you can except when you drop by his studio in West Hollywood.

Candles – The perfect gift

A set of five SERENITY CUPS holding five different fragrance candles . It's so chic ... packaged in black on black with white. The only dashes of color come from the candle collection. The fragrances run the gamut from our PERFECT GARDENIA, to green FOLIAGE and the warm sexy HAVANA. And let's not forget our all time favorites BLACK ORCHID, (a black candle in a shiny black cup, wow) and our classic CELADON. You just can't loose with sending this. And, it's only $80.00 plus tax and shipping. Send us an email and we'll have it out in a hurry. And, at the same time why don't you "gift" yourself!

Candles - the perfect Gift

Timothy J. Sullivan has had a long history working with fragrances. Most of his career in advertising centered on the development and marketing of fragrances, cosmetics and related products; his first “gig”, fresh from the army, was at Avon Products in New York where he was Assistant to the Director of Advertising. Chosen for Avon’s in-house fragrance panels, his “nose” was considered “too sophisticated” so his opinions of a fragrances being tested usually meant those selections would never reach the mass market.

While at Della Femina, Travisano & Partners in NYC, Tim helped to introduce Stick Ups, Carpet Fresh and other fragrance products for Airwick Industries. He spent 14 years with the agency researching and developing new fragrance products.

Airwick taught Tim a very basic premise…the fragrances we put in the atmosphere are completely different and shouldn’t be confused with those we put on our skin.

Then, to Publicis Conseil in NYC working on Lancôme’s advertising and new product introductions. He worked on national campaigns with Isabella Rossellini and helped to introduce Cosmair skincare and fragrance products to the US market. Now, Tim travels around the country and throughout Europe in search of new fragrances and concepts. He maintains his contacts with the major fragrance houses, so his nose is always up to date, if occasionally a bit ahead of itself. “My clients don’t want to wait for what’s next,” he says. “They want it now. So I create it for them.”